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Still, "it's not enough to do the job," says Willie. HUD is now conducting, at the direction of Congress, an Indian housing needs assessment.

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Causley has been fighting to get more tribal consultation on the important effort, and has seen some success with that. NAIHC organized a national meeting with HUD in which attracted more than 50 tribal leaders who expressed their concerns about consultation. HUD agreed to a series of eight regional consultation meetings. The last one will be in Durant, Oklahoma on July 9. Current projection for the final report is August Previous needs assessments have estimated a current need of at least , units of new housing in Indian country.

Mortgage finance from private banks would be helpful, but potent barriers remain, Causley says. One is the leasing issue.

Turkey: Erdogan booed during Soma visit

For an Indian to get a mortgage on reservation trust land, the tribe has to lease the land to them. It would allow tribes to start their own title plants to speed up the approval process.

Kurdish–Turkish conflict (2015–present)

BIA "has to give the thumbs up" to individual tribes, Causley says, but "if tribes have the capacity, you should be able to do it. The Housing and Urban Development section mortgage, which guarantees percent of lender outlays, "has been very, very useful," Causley says, though she notes conventional private mortgages can be less expensive. These are the countries and regions where the most Syrians now live:. This number has remained little changed in recent years, as hundreds of thousands of Syrians have returned to their homes and slightly higher numbers have become newly displaced, according to midyear population estimates from the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre IDMC.

In the first half of , for example, nearly , Syrians were newly displaced within the country due to the ongoing conflict. Those in Turkey 3.

The number of Syrians living in these countries surged in , from , to 2. Turkey also experienced a large increase in both from about , at the start of the year to 1. More than , Syrians moved to Germany and applied for asylum between and , making it the fifth-largest displaced Syrian population in the world. Smaller numbers of Syrian asylum seekers moved to Sweden more than , and Austria nearly 50, Nearly all Syrian applicants who applied for asylum in Europe in and either were approved to stay or were waiting for a decision, according to Pew Research Center estimates.

On 21 January , a report published by Amnesty International stated that more than civilians had been killed in Cizre. According to Amnesty International, the curfews had been imposed in more than 19 different towns and districts, putting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people at risk. Additionally, the report stated that the government's disproportionate restrictions on movement and other arbitrary measures were resembling collective punishment , a war crime under the Geneva Conventions. Human Rights Watch notes in that:. Hans Baumann, a German expert on photo forgeries, investigated the authenticity of the photos and claimed that the photos were authentic.

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A forensics report released by the Hamburg University Hospital has backed the allegations. He said that he did not need to emphasize that the accusations were groundless. He added that Turkey signed to the Chemical Weapons Convention in , and Turkey did not possess chemical weapons. In response to the activities of the PKK, the Turkish government placed Southeastern Anatolia, where citizens of Kurdish descent are in the majority, under military rule. The Turkish Army and the Kurdish village guards loyal to it have abused Kurdish civilians, resulting in mass migrations to cities.

Since its foundation, the Republic of Turkey has pursued variously assimilationist and repressive policies towards the Kurdish people. In , the report published by Human Rights Watch stated: [].

Kurds in Turkey have been killed, tortured and disappeared at an appalling rate since the coalition government of Prime Minister Suleyman Demirel took office in November In addition, many of their cities have been brutally attacked by security forces, hundreds of their villages have been forcibly evacuated, their ethnic identity continues to be attacked, their rights to free expression denied and their political freedom placed in jeopardy.

According to Human Rights Watch , the authorities even executed the Kurdish civilians and took the pictures of their corpses with the weapons, they carried for staging the events, in order to show them as Kurdistan Workers Party PKK "terrorists" to press. In , another report published by Human Rights Watch stated: [].

Based on B. It is likely that many of the persons referred to in the official estimates as "PKK casualties" were in fact civilians shot by mistake or deliberately killed by security forces. Witness testimony also demonstrates that many of the Turkish government's denials of wrong-doing by the Turkish security forces are fabrications manufactured by soldiers or officials somewhere along the government's chain of command. Shooting and killing peaceful demonstrators was one of the methods the security forces used to spread fear.

In , the security forces killed more than demonstrators, 93 of them during the celebration of Newroz in three Kurdish cities. No security force member was ever charged with any of the deaths.


Where Syrian refugees have resettled worldwide | Pew Research Center

In the early s, hundreds of people had disappeared after they had been taken into custody by security forces. Only in , more than people had been reportedly killed. Among those killed were journalists, teachers, doctors, human rights activists and political leaders. The security forces usually denied to have detained the victims but sometimes they claimed that they had released the victims after "holding them briefly". In addition to that, more than 3, people who were murdered in extrajudicial killings are believed to have been buried in separate burial places. On 6 January , the bodies of 12 people were found in a mass grave near an old police station in Mutki, Bitlis.

In , Amnesty International AI reported that disappearances and extrajudicial executions had emerged as new and disturbing patterns of human rights violations by the Turkish state. In , the former ambassador Rouleau stated that the continuing human rights abuses of ethnic Kurds is one of the main obstacles to Turkish membership of the EU []. In August , Human Rights Watch reported the vile practice of torture by security forces in Turkey.

The victims of torture interviewed by Helsinki Watch had revealed the systematic practice of torture against detainees in police custody. Sixteen people had died in suspicious circumstances in police custody, ten of them Kurds in the Southeast. In , The Guardian reported that the rape and torture of Kurdish prisoners in Turkey are disturbingly commonplace. According to the report, published by Amnesty International in , Hamdiye Aslan, a prisoner accused of supporting the Kurdish group, the PKK, had been detained in Mardin Prison, south-east Turkey, for almost three months in which she was reportedly blindfolded, anally raped with a truncheon, threatened and mocked by officers.

In February , a report published by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights stated the Turkish authorities had beaten and punched detainees, using sexual violence, including rape and threat of rape. In some cases, the detainees were photographed nude and threatened with public humiliation after being tortured by Turkish authorities.

On 25 February , Cengiz Altun, the Batman correspondent for the weekly pro-Kurdish newspaper, Yeni Ulke, was found death executed after he had been threatened with death at Gercus Gendarmerie Station. More than 33 Kurdish journalists working for different newspapers were killed between and In , Turkish security forces executed seventy-four people in house raids and more than hundred people in demonstrations. In October , amateur footage emerged showing Turkish soldiers executing two female PKK members they had captured alive.

In February , the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights published a report condemning the Turkish government for carrying out systematic executions, displacing civilians, and raping and torturing detainees in Southeastern Turkey.

Rojava conflict

Since the early s, the Turkish government has been responsible for hundreds of thousands arrests and detentions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Kurdish—Turkish conflict disambiguation. Alleged support:. Past commanders:. Kurdish—Turkish conflict —present. Kurdish rebellions in Turkey. Zaza rebellion [27]. Main article: Solution process. Main article: Kurdish riots in Turkey. Main article: Kurdish—Turkish conflict —present. Main article: Serhildan. Further information: Kurdish villages depopulated by Turkey. Further information: Human rights of Kurdish people in Turkey and Kurdish villages depopulated by Turkey.

Archived from the original on 20 December Retrieved 6 May Kurdish Institute. Middle East Eye. Retrieved 7 December Retrieved 17 April Archived from the original on 2 April Retrieved 13 April The Turkish establishment considered the Kurds' demand for the recognition of their identity a threat to the territorial integrity of the state, the more so because the PKK was supported by countries hostile to Turkey: Soviet Union, Greece, Cyprus, Iran and especially Syria. Syria hosted the organization and its leader for twenty years, and it provided training facilities in the Beka'a Valley of Syrian-controlled northern Lebanon.

BBC News. Retrieved 21 July Ali Understanding Turkey's Kurdish Question. Lexington Books. Hurriyet Daily News. Retrieved 17 October Today's Zaman. Archived from the original on 22 September Retrieved 23 July The Middle East Military Balance, New Brunswick, N. The Telegraph.

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Boca Raton, Fl. Council on Foreign Relations. Saddam has aided Cairo allegedly gave the PKK delegation funds and weapons after the second meeting, the report adds. Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Retrieved 21 March Trend AZ. Retrieved 16 April Archived from the original on 16 June Retrieved 15 April Turkish Armed Forces. Archived from the original on 5 November Retrieved 15 January Archived from the original PDF on 27 March My Sinchew.