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The digital marketing skills in high demand quite often consist of:. Although many of the digital skills in high demand around the world can often fall into similar categories, the need for a specific set of digital-based skills is different between countries.

2. Medical services manager

For example, in an article written for Forbes, Troy Smith defines why mobile marketing is in such high demand in developing regions such as in Latin America and Africa. While desktop computers were the primary source of internet connection for the majority of western countries, these developments were not widely available for some in developing countries. However, mobile technology was able to cast a wide net over these areas, meaning that mobile-optimized sites, apps, and services thrive.

Rather than funneling people to websites, the digital marketers in these countries specialize in mobile-optimized strategies. So, what countries have the highest demand for digital marketers globally, and why is the demand so high in some places compared to others? With over half of the world's population being active online, many companies realize the impact their marketing department has on the profits of their organization. For companies around the world, the need for digital marketing and social media management have become a necessity.

For digital marketers, this is excellent news, as even high profile businesses are wanting to invest in digital marketing specialists to take their marketing team to new heights. One area of the world that has experienced a significant increase in demand for digital marketers and specialists in Australia.

As the Australian economy moved away from traditional means of economic growth such as manufacturing, digital-based services are moving to the forefront of their economy. For digital marketers in Australia, this news of growth is welcome. A career in digital marketing provides driven professionals to experience a multitude of advantages while benefitting their organization, in ways such as:.

I ncreased wages : The increased demand to bridge the skill gap in marketing departments means that many organizations will be increasingly willing to negotiate higher salaries with potential digital marketing strategists. When you go in for an interview, ensure that you've done your research on what other digital marketing specialists with your experience are earning in that country, and make your desired salary known.

Jobs in High Demand | Resources and Statistics | Fox Valley Job Centers

Of course, the wages to be expected varies from country to country depending on their demand for digital marketing skills. Opportunities for growth : Digital marketing is an industry that is continuously evolving. Think about it: is the way that you browse and use the internet the same as it was even three years ago? Chances are, the apps and social media platforms you use have probably changed immensely, meaning that the way digital marketers interact with you have, as well.

2. Medical services manager

These changes mean that digital marketers have had to evolve their skill set, and have probably been offered opportunities to grow and specialize in an area of digital marketing that they love along the way. In demand skills: As a digital marketing specialist, businesses need you to thrive — and even survive — in the modern market.

Retail and wholesale trade managers

The BLS predicts average job growth for this field through Some people earn a bachelor's degree in computer science or information science, while others enter this field with an associate degree or specialized training. A vital role of the library is archiving a community's documents and artifacts, according to Frey.

Archivists, the BLS says, "appraise, edit, and maintain permanent records and historically valuable documents.

The BLS predicts slower than average job growth through for librarians, who typically have a master's degree in library science. Still, librarians will continue to maintain collections, organize materials and choose new materials, manage budgets, help patrons, train staff and purchase equipment. Those who can successfully navigate the changes in store for local libraries will take advantage of opportunities to provide new services.

High Demand Career Initiative

Frey predicts libraries will potentially become "the working laboratories for people creating new courseware" to meet changing educational demands; offer "tools of production" for patrons who want to produce their own media, including podcasts, blogs and videos; and become "co-working spaces" for consultants and freelance service providers. Janet Clark has written professionally since She writes about education, careers, culture, parenting, gardening and social justice issues.

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Clark graduated from Buena Vista University with a degree in education. She has written two novels, "Blind Faith" and "Under the Influence. Skip to main content.

Alaves' Laguardia and Pacheco in high demand

Library Technicians and Assistants Library technicians and assistants are the backbone of the library. Computer Support Specialists Computers and technology will play an ever-greater role at the library as digital books take a greater share of the market. Archivists A vital role of the library is archiving a community's documents and artifacts, according to Frey.

Librarians The BLS predicts slower than average job growth through for librarians, who typically have a master's degree in library science.